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  • Blog post 7

    date posted: Tuesday 24 Sep 2013


    "Students' behaviour in class is consistently good. They enjoy their lessons and participate with enthusiasum in discussions."
    Ofsted 2013


  • Home page blog 6

    date posted: Wednesday 14 Aug 2013
    "The school has a clear and effective approach to encouraging good behaviour, and students say the rules are fair."
    Ofsted 2013

  • Home page blog 5

    date posted: Wednesday 14 Aug 2013
    "Parent teacher communication is excellent."
    Ofsted 2011
    "The support and enthusiasm of the teachers is outstanding and has inspired my daughter to exceed all of her predicted grades."            Year 11 Parent
  • Home page blog 4

    date posted: Wednesday 14 Aug 2013
    "The staff deal with problems quickly and help in times of trouble."
    Year 8 Parent
    "I am delighted with Thurstable School in every aspect"
    Year 7 Parent
  • Home page blog 3

    date posted: Wednesday 14 Aug 2013
    "Excellent co-operative learning is a feature in many lessons."
    Ofsted 2011
    "My three boys all thoroughly enjoy school and all are making good progress, I am a very happy parent"
    Year 7, 8 & 9 Parent
  • Home page blog

    date posted: Tuesday 13 Aug 2013
    "Teachers set high expectations and work well with students to create a very good learning environment."
    Ofsted 2011
  • Home page blog 2

    date posted: Tuesday 13 Aug 2013
    "Monitoring of the quality of teaching and learning is rigorous."
    Ofsted 2011
    "The most-able students make good progressand are achieving well."
    Ofsted 2013

Upcoming Events:

 Thurstable School is now closed for the summer break

Students are due to return to school on Monday 8 September

In the event of an emergency only please call 07885996533 

Year 12/13 - Thursday 14 August 10am - 2pm
Year 11 - Thursday 21 August 10am - 2pm
Year 10 - Thursday 21 August 12noon - 2pm